Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcoming a Teeny Bell to the Family...

Well, guess what. No, I'm not preggers, but we DID get a fish! Timmy surprised me and covered my eyes all the way into PetSmart, and we picked him out. Timmy liked the red ones, and I liked the blue ones. Guess who won. We also spent a great deal of time choosing between purple, blue and green gravel for the bottom of the bowl. Our fishy is not super exciting, and he doesn't cuddle me like a puppy or a bunny might, but I like him! His name is Wonton. I really like people names for pets, so after debating over the names Stanley and Ralphie, we chose Stanley. Then when we were decorating his new home we remembered that we had bought him a tiny Buddha statue. Stanley was no longer a suitable name. He needed an Asian name. I liked Daniel-son (see Karate Kid, the original), and there was talk of Bejing or HongKong, but Timmy suggested Wonton, and I busted a gut. I think it was a sign. Welcome Wonton Bell. I hope you feel at home swimming with your purple rocks and Buddha figurine. Also, I hope you feel alright about the fact that we picked your ethnicity for you...and named you after a delicious soup ingredient.

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