Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bell & Bell Furniture Co.

Last week Timmy and I did a daring deed. I had seen these plans on ana-white.com and was SO excited that I made Timmy take us to Home Depot to buy a stack of wood and build this table. It isn't filled, sanded, or stained (or should we paint it?) yet, but you just wait! We had so much fun doing this together! I think I want to build a headboard (this one) next. I'll post pictures when we decide what this little baby is gonna look like in the end. I'm just so excited! The whole project took us about an hour, and I think it turned out so well!

p.s. This woman used a power tool.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Escaping the Elderly

In addition working with old people, I also live in a basement apartment, the landlords of which are old people. It does NOT work out in the way you'd think. I originally thought sweet, kind, bring you cookies type of old people. These ones are angry, grumpy, nosy, and loud. But GOOD NEWS!!! Cute Timmy and I get to move next month! We are moving to GreenBriar apartments in Orem, and we are SO excited! Y'all have an opportunity on your hands.

1. If you so desire, you may help us move
2. If you so desire, you may donate (or sell us) any old, unused furniture, or direct us to where we can find some.
3. If you so desire, you may help us clean our current apartment top to bottom, so we can get our $500 deposit back from these hellian landlords
4. If you so desire, you can come visit us at our new place!!!

What's that you say? You don't want to help us move, or clean? WHAAAAT???? (Please watch the hyperlinked WHAAAAT??? clip. Please)

But seriously, If you know where we can get cheap furniture, help a poor newlywed couple out, yo.

Also, I have an old people story for you.

Today, a poor, rickety old lady came down to the lobby of the facility in her nightgown, shaken to the bone with fear. Nearing tears, she explained to me and my buddy that "there's a man who came into my room and sat at my table and won't leave". My first thought: This is a crazy old lady who's imagining things. My second thought: This is the ghost of her dead husband. So, my coworker says "Was he wearing a green shirt?", thinking that maybe her CNA came to help her (we wear green shirts) and frightened her. But no...then she said he was an old man. My third thought made me giggle: there's a crazy old man in the room a few doors down from hers. So we walk up there and sure enough, there's Mr. *Smith*, sleeping at her kitchen table.

"Mr. Smith, this isn't your room",
"Well, it's not hers either".
"Yes it is, and you frightened this little old lady"
"yes, I know, I saw her"
"Well, let's go back to your room, okay?"
"No, I'm not gonna".

Oh, poor old lady. She was so scared.

But it was so funny :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Crazy Woman Brain

Every woman has "fat days" right? Days where that little stomach pooch seems more noticable, your heiny jiggles more than you remember it doing, and you try not to let your legs touch whatever you're sitting on, becaus then they smoosh flat and look HUGE! Today is one of those Crazy Woman Brain days. I tend to wear extra make up and do my hair extra cute on these days, to make up for everything, until Timmy tells me I'm crazy and makes me look up my BMI on an online calculator, to prove to myself that I'm ok. (even though BMI is totally useless. According to BMI, Shaquille O'Neil is morbidly obese). What a cute hubby...