Sunday, January 30, 2011

Belle vs. Bell

"Well, it's no wonder that her name means beauty- her looks have got no parallel" la la la...Hmmmph. This is Belle of whom we speak. Belle lives in France where, if you didn't catch this, her name means beauty. The Bell who is writing about the Belle of whom we speak lives in Utah, where her name means "no makeup, gaining married weight, and getting lazy with keeping herself up". Actually, if you're curious, Kemari is a form a japanese soccer/hackysack, but that's beside the point.

I feel like this comparison is upsetting.

I did NOT used to let myself go like this >>>

The point is that I'd like to make Belle and Bell more similar. First, I need to work out. I noticed this today when I got out of the shower.

There are mirrors ALL OVER my bedroom. Full length mirror, vanity mirror, giant hangning mirror, bathroom mirror etc...and in ALL of these mirrors, I saw my naked reflection as I stepped out of the bathroom. It was horrific. Terrifying. I put clothes on straight away. Lets just say that things...danced...more than I wish they would. ha ha

Second, I need to stop being a lazy bum. I probably ought to start doing my hair once in a while. Good idea? I think yes. I should probably spend more than 5 minutes on my makeup as well. The Kemari that Timmy married was super cute and was always "done up". That needs to happen more often, for the sake of my confidence levels.

Third, Belle reads a lot. Remember when she was reading by the fountain ( "OH!!!! Isn't this aMAZing? It's my favorite part because you SEEE!!! Here's where she meets Prince CHARming....etc") and the sheep are eating her book pages? If I had sheep, they would have no access to any book pages because all my books have been closed tightly for ages. Lets fix that, shall we?

Fourth and Last, Belle loved the beast. For those of you who do not remember, the beast was hairy hairy fuzzy fuzzy. I feel like I should stop bugging Timmy to shave. ha ha


  1. 蹴鞠 - That's a pretty snazzy kanji name! I had no idea that your name meant anything in Japanese, but it seemed like it could.


  2. We didn't know it did either, but I googled myself once. ha ha