Saturday, April 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well, we did it! We're finally in our cute new apartment and oh, we are so in love! It's roomy and fabulous! Speaking of love, tomorrow is our Anniversary! I'm having a hard time believing it's been that long!

This was our first picture taken together. I'm such a lucky lady.

Happy Anniversary Timmy Bell.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Zero

Holy Moo. I had the best birthday of my entire life on Saturday :) Not only did I find out about my upcoming promotion at work, but I got to be married for my first birthday ever! It was fabulous. My adoring husband picked out this swimsuit for me...

It just shouts Kemari. That boy knows me :) Then he took me out to Carrabba's for dinner and made me a pie! How cute is that? My cute mom got me a rotary cutter for my sewing hobby. I love it! I have the most wonderful family and friends who made my day fabulous! Thanks for making my 20th birthday so perfect.