Friday, July 15, 2011

Shay Shay Shaylie Rae...

This week my littlest sister Shaylie had open heart surgery to replace her pulmonary valve. She was born with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot and has undergone surgergies since she was tiny to keep her heart going. She went in for surgery on Tuesday. Yesterday she got out of the ICU, and today she gets to come home!!! Not only did her procedure go amazingly well, but she has had the greatest attitude. She came out of the anesthesia with a smile on her face asking everyone around her "how are you doing?". How are we doing?! How are YOU doing, Shaylie?! I am so grateful for today's technology that has allowed my family to get to keep my baby sister. It scares me to think of what may have happened had we lived 20 years earlier. Shaylie is the most kind, angelic, wonderful girl I know and I'm so incredibly grateful to have her as my sister. Love you ShayShay.

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  1. So cute! :)
    So glad she's doing well!
    She is such a sweet girl!