Monday, May 16, 2011

My Apartment Is Cuter Than Yours: Part 1

Neener neener.
Just kidding you guys.
But really.
Our apartment turned out SO CUTE!
I'm giving you guys the bedroom first, because it has the least "work in progress" left in it.
Ta dah!!!

I love love love yellow and grey
These tile were originally the ugliest shade of green EVER. ew. Oh, with pieces of gold too.
I spray painted them yellow and they just look so yummy on my wall, dontcha think?
This lamp was also repainted. It was brown gloss before and it resembled dead bamboo. Oh, this is so much cuter! Kinda lacey looking too. If you only knew how much I love that.
Add a homemade yellow and grey flower arrangement in an old glass bottle
And this dresser (which perfectly matches our mirror, night stands, and closet doors) that Timmy's sister Jen gave us. And old yellow candles in old glass jars with old yellow ribbon (which is really just shredded pillowcase, cause I'm trying to be creative)...

and you'll have one stinkin' cute bedroom. Whataya think? and What should I do about the window treatments? comment or text me with any ideas please!

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